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We deliver AI exactly where you need it.

Zero Gap AI delivers on-demand GPUs and AI services directly to—and throughout—your premises, to the locations and devices where it’s needed. Drawing upon carrier-grade private networks and high-performance GPUs, Zero Gap AI solves the AI challenges of businesses and municipalities in 36 U.S. markets.

Help Me Understand

What is Zero Gap AI?

Zero Gap AI is a uniquely cost-effective way for enterprises, municipalities, and cloud providers to implement or expand their AI capabilities without investing in capital-intensive servers, networking equipment and data center facilities.

AI as a Service

Pay for what you need. Expand on demand. From bare metal GPUs to full-blown services, design what you want, we bring the AI.


Zero Gap AI services travel over private carrier-grade networks, connecting hyperlocal AI access points to the places where you need AI.

Nearest AI Access Points

Zero Gap AI deploys AI access points next to you, where you need them, ensuring low latency. We do this across 36 U.S. markets.

On-Prem Performance

Zero Gap AI delivers high-performance AI over fiber at LAN speeds. It’s almost like our servers are on your premises.

Private Wireless

Private wireless services (including, yes, 5G) delivered over the network extend Zero Gap AI services to wherever they’re needed, no wires required.

Reliability as a Feature

Multiple AI access points in each market can be configured as availability zones, allowing for nearly unlimited degrees of resilience and continuous operating without interruption.

AI as a Service

AI-as-a-Service enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of AI for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage without the need for extensive in-house expertise, resources, or large capital outlays.


Carrier-grade fiber and private 5G deliver AI to exactly where you need it. Supercharge your applications with ultra-reliable connectivity and real-time data processing, unlocking opportunities in automation, IoT, and beyond.

Custom Solutions

Our extensive partner ecosystem can deliver specialized AI solutions built around the Zero Gap platform. From Smart City to Smart Retail, our network of partners has the industry know how to build best-in-class solutions to meet your needs.

Purpose-Built for AI

The Zero Gap platform is powered by Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid® architecture, which has been meticulously engineered for AI workloads. Zero Gap AI enables hundreds of geographically-specific AI access points across the U.S.

We are Your Partner for AI Success

Our job does not end with the provision of AI; we become deeply invested in your success. We are your partner for using AI to fundamentally accelerate business growth and innovation. Zero Gap AI makes it easy for organizations to embrace AI at lower reisk and rapidly scale their use of AI as they require, ensuring flexibility and agility in a fast-paced market. Employing Zero Gap AI can greatly expand the digital and AI transformation of businesses.


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